“I love the idea of doing what you LOVE in life, and truly connecting with your ESSENCE. Mine is definitely ART. I hope to INSPIRE those around me to break out of the mold of what you ‘think’ you should be doing, and DO WHAT INSPIRES YOU."



Capturing something unseen and bringing it to life on a canvas is something that fascinates Carley Rangen.

Then seeing her creation give somebody a feeling or a sense of something…a mysterious and uplifting connection…is what fulfills her.

“In a world where we try to lose or not feel our feelings - painting allows them to surface and for us to feel safe in them.

Move through them, feel them, accept them and carry on. For both myself and my clients, art becomes a personal spiritual practice.

Open your heart and go past your mind and beliefs.”

“A beautiful, custom piece of Carley Rangen’s called “Splash” graces a wall in my home. Subtle and yet alive, it brings a fresh energy to our space. Smaller paintings of little birdies fill in some spaces around my home – whimsical, flirty and one that packs a bit of an attitude…each one makes me smile and reminds me to appreciate the small, simple things in life!”



Carley lives in Lake Country, BC. She raised her three children in Vernon, B.C. In 2007, Carley left the school district where she worked and, trusting a new direction, made a name for herself in the design world for 15 years with her company, Olive Tree Interior Designs. When Carley took up art in 2017, many of her clients asked her for pieces to bring their spaces to life. A new path was born for Carley and she hasn’t looked back. 

“I'm a self-taught artist. I used to sketch as a child and I’ve taken a few classes over the years, such as a watercolour course after my first child was born. I’ve always been drawn to the art world for its creativity and diversity.”

Carley is now bringing spaces to life across the Okanagan and the rest of British Columbia with nature-inspired acrylic paintings focused on connection and flow.  

"My process consists of finding something that has inspired me, and taking acrylic paints to canvas with my hands, transferring to brushes for a different technique. I will prepare the canvas and sometimes have to ponder for a couple of days before starting. There’s a shift in the brain when you start to feel the piece coming alive.”


“Carley’s paintings are a unique expression of her creativity. She paints with an openness that allows the pieces to unfold and take on their own personality.”